AFE Filling Unit – The semi-automatic filling device permits exact portioning, accurate hygienic filling of the curd and accurate control of the draining whey without loss of curd.
ATP Portioning System – Extremely soft varieties of curd, with a large grain size, are placed gently in the moulds layer by layer, by means of immersion portioning.
MR Portioning System – A high-performance portioning system notable for its particularly high level of precision. Available in single-track or multiple-track versions, with up to 20 inclined or vertical dosing chambers which are filled or emptied by pistons. Complete with hygienic CIP equipment the MR is an optimum solution for:
  • Dosing which is gentle on the product
  • Total flexibility
  • Maximum capacity
  • Best hygiene
ABP Portioning System – An automatic block portioning system for soft to semihard varieties of curd with a high capacity. A complete blockmould is filled in each portioning cycle.
ARP-N Portioning System – This fully automatic, inclined row portioning device gently fills the moulds with soft curd. Multiple formats – changed with a simple handle – permit the rapid conversion to another sort of cheese.
ARP-T Portioning System – Automatic row portioning for medium-heavy products such as e.g. large loaves and cylinders of cheese made of cheese made of soft to semihard curd.