Immersion-Cleaning System OMNIA – Tried and tested in decades of service, simple and reliable. With modern tanks and sturdy fittings for turbulent agitation.
Rack Cleaning SystemGuarantees not only high throughput but also the best possible cleaning results. It is particularly important to us that we offer both environmental protection and savings on energy. For these reasons we switched from high pressure pretreatment to soaking. Obstinate, stuck-on mould or the remains of the salt are removed by the rinsing process and then completely washed out of the cleaning system. The racks leave the sterilization area germ-free and ready for Re- use in production. And of course, all of this takes place in a fully automatic single pass through.
Blockmould Cleaning Machine – The cleaning of the blockmoulds is made simple by the maintenance-friendly and cleaning-friendly ALPMA processes. Whether loaded singly by hand or in racks by a fully automated system, whether the wash cycle is single or multi-phase, the modular construction of the cleaning installation allows each unit to be customized to your needs. It ensures that your blockmoulds are always perfectly cleaned.