Ivarson Inc. is full service solutions provider for production of Butter, Spreads, Margarine, Shortening and Cheese. Our equipment can take you from the raw material inputs to the final packaging with the skill required to produce first class consumer or industrial products. We have the knowledge base and equipment design to fit the start-up plants and the multinational mega plants, with product quality and efficiency as our top priorities. Our product knowledge provides customers with the best resource for development, and long term strategy in the market.

Butter – The past half century Ivarson Inc. has introduced equipment to help modernize the manufacturing of Butter.  Today we are the leader in the North American market for processing and packaging machinery. Ivarson supplies Butter making equipment, Butter storage & feeding systems, Packaging machinery for bulk and consumer products, moisture and fat analyzers, butter reworking systems, butter melting systems and Microfix equipment. We offer state of the art, new equipment as well as reconditioned equipment to fit your budget

Spreads, Margarine & Shortening – Ivarson Inc. has developed equipment for the processing and packaging of Spreads, Margarine, and Shortening. This equipment is designed as robust yet simple machinery that will produce the highest quality products with the minimum complexity. Our knowledge base for these products begins with the oil and ends with the palletized product. For cups, sticks, blocks or bulk products, we have the solution from start to finish.

Cheese – Ivarson Inc has its’ roots in the cheese industry. From the earliest days in Wisconsin, Cheese was our main business. Ivarson supplies specific equipment for various cheese production and packaging, For the production and packaging of Cheese Ivarson is proud to be a North American partner for Alpma, the leader in cheese technology. Ivarson also offers Kadova cheese moulds and Paramelt Cheese Wax and Coatings. Ivarson also has our own line of cutting equipment, developed specifically for the North American Market and together with our partner company Alpma, can offer cutting lines with throughput up to 8000 pounds per hour!

Line Extensions- Our product knowledge and equipment designs have brought us into several related industries. Ivarson has processing equipment for Bakery applications also. Our margarine and butter equipment can be tailor fit to continuous bakery lines, or to any user of large volume of fat. Ivarson’s packaging expertise is well established for Yeast, Bouillon, pasty products, or for wrapping of odd shape packages.

In addition to supplying equipment, Ivarson Inc. also has an efficient after-sales service organization with high-quality service engineers for maintenance service and spare parts to maintain your equipments production output and reliability.