Stacker – Storage area is valuable and expensive. Consequently, one should make the best of what's available - stack the racks high! The ALPMA Stacker can utilize space so well that blockmoulds, turning sheets, turning plates and racks are stacked together precisely and with no risk of falling. The parts can be lifted directly from the floor or taken off the conveyor system. Many cheese making plants already make use of the tried and tested belt stacker. For places where room is restricted we have developed a special stacker with lifting pawls. Constructed from materials which conform to dairy standards and capable of using CIP cleaning processes, the stacker/de-stacker can be perfectly integrated into your fully automated production line.
Conveyors not only take care of all the work of moving the products, they also fulfill essential technological tasks as well: The system of wagons used for carrying products enables tasks to be carried out strictly according to schedule. This extremely flexible system offers endless variations of use. It goes without saying that none of the draining whey escapes. The hygienic design of the conveyors also permits them to be cleaned easily but thoroughly.
Climate-Controlled Conveyor – Your cheese is happy here. ALPMA climate-controlled conveyor systems offer the best chance to control the draining characteristics specific to the cheese type. Development of the cheese rind and acidification is best influenced by means of warming, steaming or cooling. The combination of the fans help the chimney-effect of the stacked blockmoulds to offer unrivalled even drainage of the cheese. This has the very positive effect of reducing the variations in the cheese weights to a minimum.
Turner – Turners have a decisive influence on the uniform draining and perfect shaping of the cheese. Stack turners are high-performance and reliable solutions. In exemplary hygienic design and suitable for CIP cleaning processes.
Manipulator – A genuine cheese robot for stacking, turning, rotating, positioning, transporting and destacking. The Manipulator handles all these operations quickly and in confined spaces. If required, several Manipulators can even be used at a single workstation. Another major advantage is its open and easy-to-clean design, made entirely of stainless steel.
Brine Bath – For small to industrial installations with manual infeed. As well as salting the cheese, brine baths offer a means of controlling the cheese temperature and culturing of the bacteria, thus influencing the final taste.
Automatic Brine Bath – Those who operate larger salting installations, know just how important it is to have an efficient through flow. The coordination of the loading and the unloading, as well as the length of time the cheese is in the bath and the overall space requirements are expensive and require detailed planning.
Demoulding System – Space saving and simple but at the same time safe, efficient, hygienic and gentle on the cheese, the demoulding system withdraws the cheese from the moulds and places them on the rack. For small installations with semi-automatic operation.
Demoulding System – After salting, the cheese has to be taken out of the mould. Preferably fully automatically. You want everything to occur smoothly and without any loss of time? The loading of the ripening racks is smoothly carried out by means of a vacuum charging/discharging device. The vacuum used to withdraw the cheese from the blockmoulds is extremely low and does not damage the sensitive skin of the fresh cheese. The suction devices are constructed to the highest hygiene standards and are simple to clean.