Ivarson Case Packers

Fast, Semi-Automatic Operation

Individual case packers to meet the exact requirements of case packing soft or hard products such as butter, lard, margarine, shortening or products of similar consistency. Can be tied to present filling and wrapping machines to provide a continuous, uninterrupted processing line to final shipping case ready for delivery.

With choice of package combinations such as 36 one pound or 18 one pound packages per case—other combinations can be tailored to individual market requirements. Collecting, stacking and positioning of packages is fully automatic.

Hard Pack

  • Eastern, Western or Elgin butter packs, margarine, lard, shortening or products of similar consistency.
  • Also handles sleeved or individual cups in a side or end loaded case.
  • Speeds up to 120 units per minute or depending on the dexterity of the operator.
  • Programmable control system.
  • All stainless steel construction and guarded by stainless steel plates, conveyor with nylon roller bearings.
  • Power 110V single phase. Compressed air 1 cubic foot per case at 60PSI.

Soft Pack

  • For soft and semi-soft products.
  • Stacks rows on shelves to preserve exact product shape.
  • Semi-automatic.
  • For ½ lb. and 1 lb. solids in parchment or foil—Western or Elgin packs.
  • Power 110V—conveyor motor 220V (440V optional). 1 cubic foot per case at 60 PSI.
  • Operation air over hydraulic.
  • Programmable control system.