Ivarson Cartoners

The Ivarson IVC Cartoner now offers you the ability to carton butter or margarine sticks in a variety of pack arrangements.

With our state of the art technology, the carton blank is preformed so that sticks can be inserted with a gentle action. Infeed of the sticks is done individually or in groups, allowing for any desired pack arrangement. Sticks can be handled in even or odd numbers, and by using change parts it is possible to handle various counts and carton sizes on the same machine.

Machine speed is steplessly adjustable through an AC variable frequency drive independent of the upstream wrapping machine(s). The cartoner senses when product is available and combines sticks and cartons as required. This method allows continuous machine operation with intermittent product infeed. Carton blanks are dispensed from a magazine via vacuum cups. The product is then inserted into the pre-formed carton blank, and the carton flaps are glued.

Carton blanks are saved through the “no product/no carton” feature. Once the sticks are inserted into the formed carton, glue is applied for a tamper-evident package. In addition, it is also possible to provide code dating and case packing of the cartons into shipping cases.


  • Cartons very soft sticks without any distortion or jamming
  • Uses glued, tamper-evident cartons
  • Can handle multiple pack arrangements from 2 to 12 sticks


  • Message center diagnostics
  • Inkjet code dating

Technical Data

  • Machine Dimensions: 131” x 44” x 74”
  • Air Required: 80 psi/2.3 CFM at 50 cartons per minute
  • Electrical: 230/460VAC, 3 phase, 12 amp
  • Speed: Up to 75 packs per minute, depending on pack arrangement