Alpma Packaging Equipment

Small Products

To help even your products make a big impact we developed the ALPMA SAN series. From the entry-level model to the fully automatic packaging line, all models are based on the same sound hygiene concept. A diversity of shapes, formats and consistencies can be wrapped extremely economically in standard machine films – in spite of the dimensional tolerances of natural products. The following machines can process products with:
  • a maximum diameter of 140 mm or
  • a maximum length of 140 mm
  • a maximum height of 100 mm
  • a maximum width of 75 mm
SAN 60/V – Because of its vertical operating mode, our entry-level model with a capacity of up to 60 products per minute is ideal for use as a stand-alone machine as well as for integrating into a sully automatic packaging line.
SAN 60 – This series minimizes unproductive phases. Extremely short changeover times, with flexible and rapid conversion to a wide range of product shapes and sizes, mean that the machine availability time is very impressive.
SAN 80/TS – Our high-performance packaging machine can process up to 80 packs per minute. The product can be heatsealed or closed with a label, whichever is required.
RT 6000 – The RT 6000 works fast and precisely, transforming your soft cheese into appetizingly packed morsels. Three in one! The ALPMA RT 6000 can do everything needed to get your soft cheese into great shape. From portioning and separating to packing, grouping and boxing, it requires only an area of 2.5 m2 in length. A machine with the perfect answer to the - convenience food trend.

Large Products

It is through the packaging that customers make initial contact with your product. Its appearance reflects the quality of the product itself, particularly where large items are concerned. A touch of the "traditional" or "hand made" can strike a chord with consumers and induce them to opt for your product rather than others. Effective and economical ideas that can be implemented cost-effectively and which can be used profitably for small production batches will provide lasting support for your product during its life time. Large weights and sizes need powerful solutions.
VT 45 – The entry-level model is a semiautomatic packaging table for wrapping medium-sized products with a maximum diameter of 200 mm at a rate of 11 products per minute.
SAN 40/V – Our "jumbos" have the appropriate formats to help you put heavy and large articles in attractive outfits. This makes them superior and reliable. A maximum diameter of 250 mm can be processed at a rate of 40 products per minute.
SAN 20/V – The little brother of the SAN 40/V, but equipped to process a maximum diameter of 350 mm at a rate of 20 products per minute.
SSF 10 – With this machine you can wrap heavy portions in form-fitting aluminium foil. Possible sizes are for example:
  • max. 380 mm long
  • max. 380 mm high
  • max. 80 mm wide

  • High Quality

    Packing products with delicate consistency. You have a clear idea of the ideal packaging for your product. As your expert partner, we help you to put your ideas into practice, and we develop suitable solutions for all shapes and problematic consistencies. Our machines can even do the difficult job of packing your product so that it looks "hand wrapped".
    SAN 80/WK – This model is designed specially for soft products. Individual feeding systems ensure the gentle and hygienic handling of your products at a rate of 80 products per minute.
    SAN 80/F – This sandwich packaging machine makes the classic triangle sandwich look amazingly fresh while minimizing your packaging.

    Pleated Packaging

    Pleated packaging lends your product an exclusive appearance. For some articles, such as soaps and confectionery, good looks are the main thing, for others it's optimum protection. WC sticks, for example, are packed in a form-fitting, water-soluble foil. ALPMA pleated packaging machines can process plastic films, fine papers and water-soluble foils, which can be sealed closed by labels if required.
    V 64/ASch II – This universal pleated packaging machine packs round articles, e.g. soaps, with a diameter of up to 90 mm at a rate of 50 packs/min.
    SAN 60/PL – For premium products, such as confectionery articles, exclusive packaging is a must. The SAN 60/PL from the ALPMA hygiene series guarantees a fitting presentation. Capacity: up to 60 packs/min.
    PLV 140 – When a high level of output is decisive, your products switch to the fast lane. The ALPMA PLV 140 processes products on two tracks, including closing and labeling.


    Make your product the star on the shelf. Numerous tests have shown that attractive packaging can promote sales. A whole range of attractive solutions such as wood, cardboard and plastic boxes, banderoles, etc. help to make your brand stand out from the others and encourage the customer to choose it instead of other products.
    SE 80 – This machine automatically packs your cheese into boxes. And you can choose between half or complete boxes, at rates of up to 4,800 products per hour.
    SE 60 – The little brother of the SE 80, with a capacity of up to 3,600 products per hour.
    RT 6000 – The RT 6000 works fast and precisely, transforming your soft cheese into appetizingly packed morsels. Three in one! The ALPMA RT 6000 can do everything needed to get your soft cheese into great shape. From portioning and separating to packing, grouping and boxing, it requires only an area of 2.5 m2 in length. A machine with the perfect answer to the »convenience food trend.
    DP 80 – Box feeder with magazines. Empty boxes are separated and fed automatically to the SE 80 boxing machine.

    Total Line

    Give shape to your ideas with ALPMA

    The development and implementation of your ideal product packaging are accurately coordinated with your ideas and requirements and turned into reality on your premises.

    With the latest technology and close contact between you and our project team ALPMA ensure that optimization can be achieved.

    The simulation of production runs on the computer provides three-dimensional presentation in real time. This gives you a clear picture of what's what on your line. Timing and coordination are proved at the design stage.

    SAN 80/TS – Fully ripened – ready to pack. The fully automatic packaging process of a SAN 80/TS – from the destacking of racks to the finished packing or boxing of cheese – ensures product quality and optimized production costs.
    PRO 2 – The PRO 2 stacking and destacking robot adapts to the space you have available. Racks can be slot deposited either parallel to the direction of motion or turned through 90°.
    SAN 60/V – We get your packaging process to perform at its best. It is the job of the SAN 60/V to interlink a series of packaging machines and to make sure that they are all fed with product without interruption. Weighing systems and foreign body.

    Conveyer Belt Systems

    ALPMA conveyor belts are used to transport products gently and hygienically. They are an indispensable component of automatic processing systems particularly in the dairy, meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable industries. The actual belts are made of polyurethane (PU). Even with a maximum load of 40 kg per belt, production is streamlined with ALPMA belts. The working height is infinitely variable in three ranges. Operation at fixed or variable speed is possible. Several different belts can be combined and operated using a single controller. The drive motor can be mounted in six different positions.
    Conveyor belts – Where hygiene is decisive. Made of stainless steel. No concealed edges. Easy removal and cleaning of the actual belt. ALPMA belts are available in 3 different belt widths and 12 standard lengths. Special sizes can be custom-made on request.
    Curved belts – For negotiating corners hygienically. Here, too, the belt can be taken off in a matter of seconds without the needs for tools.

    Belt replacement is easy and requires no tools: It takes only a little pressure to swing up the tensioning station and slacken the belt. The belt and tensioning station can then be pulled off without difficulty.