Triplex Plunger Pumps

The new IVARSON TRIPLEX HIGH PRESSURE PLUNGER PUMP UNITS offer you a wide range of advantages when you pump emulsions or oil blends for processing of margarine, shortening, low fat spread and related yellow fat products.

The triplex plunger design gives a very smooth product flow with minimized pressure fluctuations. The smoothness of the product flow is further optimized through a pulsation dampener installed on the discharge side of the pump.

The unique die cast aluminum oil bath crankcase assures optimal lubrication and durability. The heavy duty 316 stainless steel block-style manifolds provide great strength and corrosion resistance to the pump units.

The pump units are delivered on a stainless steel base plate with adjustable legs and complete with motor, reducer, pressure gauge, safety valve and inlet filter. Consider Ivarson Inc. your Number-One Source for processing and packaging equipment. Call today for more information on our complete line of equipment for yellow fat products.


  • All stainless steel 316 product contact parts with c
  • Triplex plunger design for smoother product flow.
  • Die cast aluminum oil bath crankcase for optimal lubrication and durability.
  • Low rpm for pump head assuring optimal pump performance.
  • Up to 40 Bar (580 Psi) or 70 Bar (1,015 Psi) discharge product pressure.
  • Variable speed frequency drives