The Ivarson Convector B-Unit
The Ivarson Pin Worker B-Unit design offers you a wide range of advantages when processing and crystallizing  margarine, shortening, low fat spread and related yellow fat products.        

The unique combination of the stainless steel bearing housing and the mechanical seal in one assembly allows easy mounting and dismounting of the pin worker shaft without disturbing the seal faces.  The maintenance friendly design thus minimizes the risk for an accidental damage to the seal. The perpendicular (90 degree off-set) pin shaft design with four (4) rows of rotating pins assures improved shaft balance and overall a smoother running pin worker and optimal plasticizing of the product. The heavy duty Ivarson Pin Worker B-Unit cylinder(s) is mounted on an open rectangular stainless steel support frame with the option for stainless steel covers. As a standard, all pin worker B-Unit cylinders are supplied with a stainless steel water jacket for product tempering.