Unique Pumping Principle with Exclusive Design Features Measured Flow with Gentle Dual Cosine Action

Operating Features

Gentle action…unique design introduces an unprecedented gentle pumping principle…provides positive, uniform flow with minimum pulsation, crushing, churning or bruising. The cavity size remains constant from suction to discharge to minimize damaging pressure peaks.

Silent simplicity…one rotor and one shaft…design simplicity—eliminates noisy timing gears and counter-rotating impellers. Provides smooth, quiet, vibrationless performance through all operating speeds and conditions.

Compact, lightweight, versatile…compactness of single rotor and shaft design provides for more flexible installation, less space. Pump body is reversible for right or left hand installation. Standard mountings, drives and fittings are utilized.

Quick disassembly…The Sta-Flo Positive Sanitary pump is easily dismantled. Manual cleaning is simplified…no splines, no threads, free of entrapments.

Operating Features

Unique construction…design cuts the number of parts to half of the working parts of conventional two rotor, two shaft designs. Rugged single shaft is supported by heavy-duty tractor type TIMKEN bearings in compact bearing housing half the size of competitive gear cases. Pump body of 316 Stainless Steel.

Automatic mechanical shaft seal…patented mechanical shaft seal is automatic—seal pressure automatically adjusts to vacuum or pressure conditions to prolong seal life. Seal is energized by a static O-ring which eliminates O-ring rubbing against rotating metal parts.

Reliable operation…years of field testing under actual operating conditions in some of the largest food and dairy plants have proven the reliability of this gentle pumping principle.

Fewer wearing parts…Elimination of timing gears, extra seals, extra rotors, shafts and bearings greatly reduces costly repair, maintenance and expensive down time.

Oil lubrication…the modern economical way to lubricate—eliminates unnecessary, costly maintenance characteristic of grease packed units. Use of high temperature oil permits higher temperature pumping applications, prolongs oil and seal bearing life.

How It Works

Position No. 1: The right angled, double lobe cosine rotors (one piece construction) draw product into pump.
Position No. 2: As product moves further into pump, rotor wiping arms maintain constant seal between pump body and lobes of rotor. Cleans rotor surfaces each revolution.
Position No. 3: Each lobe of rotor draws in a measured portion of product every 90 degrees of rotation for positive displacement. Constant cavity is maintained from suction to discharge with no damaging pressure peaks.
Position No. 4: As rotor completes each revolution, product is uniformly delivered into discharge line. Combined action of the four rotor lobes produces simple harmonic motion with gentle, positive, non-pulsating flow.