Rothenburg Butter Churns
The Rothenburg Butter Churn turns cream into butter using a non continuous batch system. Ideal for smaller production standard sizes available are 150 liters or 250 liters cream per batch. Individual sizes are available per request. The Butter Churn uses a continuously variable drive for the churning of the cream. The range of adjustment is from 7.9 min over 39 min-1. The Rothenburg Butter Churn incorporates quick clamp discharge opening cover, buttermilk-drain and a lateral mounted sight glass. The entire system is constructed of 304 stainless. All welding seams are grounded and polished.

250 Liter Butter Churn Per Batch Technical Details:

The Rothenburg butter churn for 250 liter per batch for example is a not continuous cylindrical churning machine with the following characteristics:

  • Type, not continuous cylinder barrel butter churn
  • Dimensions: appr. 2000mm x 1750mm x 1950mm
  • Drive capacity: 1.5kW
  • Gear changing: Continuously variable drive for buttering and kneading procedure.
  • Bearing: Double supported with directly flanged gearmotor
  • Volume: Churning capacity designed for 250 l cream
  • Discharge openings: quick-clamp cover, a buttermilk-drain as well as a lateral mounted sight glass
  • Material: AISI 304
  • Safety arrangement: with screw clamp retention