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The Simon Contimab
Based more than a century of know-how and experience in the butter-making sector of the food industry, the Simon Contimab is the leading continuous butter churn in the world. Simon is the specialist in complete butter processing lines and associated equipment. With numerous butter processing lines installed throughout North America, Simon is through Ivarson Inc. the preferred supplier of butter processing equipment. Mexico is now also part of Ivarson Inc.’s territory. www.simon-sas.com
The CONTIMAB with small capacities,
the MA serie running from 50 to 250 kg/h. This range meets Research Department requirements together with butter plants having small productions.
The intermediate range CONTIMAB:
The MB and MC series for outputs from 400 to 2 750 kg/h.
The new generation: CONTIMAB VR.
Stemming from the very long SIMON experience, combined with the latest technology, this machine is designed to produce the very best butter quality. The whole output range is now available in VR versions from 250 kg/h to 13 t/h of butter.