Alpma | The world market leader in Cheese Technology, from Cheese making to Cutting and Packaging Alpma has exactly the right solution for your needs.  Drawing on more than 50 years of experience, Alpma incorporates innovative technologies based on traditional cheese making principles to produce cheese on an industrial scale. ALPMA Cutting and Packaging equipment is the both versatile and efficient with the highest out put equipment in the industry. In addition their subsidiary LTH Dresden is a whey processing specialist.  Let Alpma find a way to get the most out of your milk!

Benhil | Benhil, a name synonymous with butter and margarine packaging today is the market leader with over 10,000 machines delivered worldwide, Benhil wrapping and cartoning machines are designed to meet today’s expectations for food safety, product quality and efficiency. For packaging products such as Butter, Margarine, Fresh Yeast or Soup Paste, the Benhil machine can fill and wrap your product in with efficiency and ease. The heavy duty mechanical construction of this machine design is the reason machines over 50 years old are still running today. For the past 90 years Benhil customers have realized outstanding packaging quality, exceptional filling accuracy and strong customer support.  Find out today the advantages Benhil customers appreciate when it comes to packaging.

IVARSON has sold hundreds of Benhil machines over the past 45 years, and we continue to support these machines with after sales service and spare parts. Many of the older machines can be upgraded and optimized to increase output efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. Please look at the available Benhil upgrades in the customer service area.
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Bock & Sohn | For more than 75 years Bock & Sohn has been developing and building equipment used in packing edible fats in industrial sizes.  Blocks, bars or plates, margarine, crystallized butter or fat, Bock & Sohn has the right machine for your specific application.  Using state of the art technology, all machines ensure that your product is dosed to a precise weight, allowed correct resting time and properly formed and wrapped to the highest standards on a daily basis.   Placing a high value on quality and developing long last relationships with their customers has helped make Bock & Sohn a worldwide market leader.

Euroflex | A industry leader printing cheese labels for the cheese industry, Euroflex has established its reputation in the North American market as a producer of a quality products.  Using flexo-technology in its printing process, Euroflex is capable of printing up to eight colors on different types of paper depending attaching direct to the cheese rind.  Years of experience with cheese products and our technical know-how of the graphical process enable us to provide you with full, professional support, from the initial idea right up to the printed end product.  Give your product a European feel with Euroflex labels.

Paramelt | With a century of experience in cheese coatings, Paramelt has developed their Paradip, Paradip Nowax and Paracoat lines of cheese wax.  Known worldwide for their high and consistent quality, their success is due to a well formulated formula, systematic raw material and process control and multiple quality checks to meet the highest industry standards..  The end result is a high performance product.  For the past 60 years cheese waxes have been used to protect cheese from mould growth, weight loss and damage during transport.  In addition to protecting cheese it also gives it an attractive appeal in color and gloss.  As consumers start to make more calculated purchasing decisions the branding and product presentation of cheese is increasingly important.   Offered in a wide pallet of colors, cheese wax can make an important contribution to the image of your product and help differentiate it from the competition.

Rothenburg | Rothenburg GMBH has been serving the dairy industry worldwide since 1889.  The organization has been instrumental in helping the industry change-over from hand crafted products to modern industrial production.  Today,  Rothenburg again has revolutionized the dairy industry with its vision, experience and quality products.  With a strong focus of meeting customer demands related to sanitary issues and reliability Rothenburg offers a wide range of equipment including; Butter Silos from 1 to 10 tons, incorporates a effective pressure tunnel and large diameter augers ensuring gentle treatment of butter.  Frozen Butter Reworkers capable of reworking 25kg frozen blocks as low as -18°C, -1°F up to a capacity of 6 ton per hour.  Contimix Continuous Mixers for the production of whipped and aerated dairy and bakery products.  Rothenburg – a high performance enterprise whose name itself is a quality standard.

Schaeffer & Flottmann | Schafer & Flottmann - specialists for more than 60 years in the automation of packaging and product sorting processes, principally in the food industry but also for non-food applications. Facing very high personnel and running costs, many major renowned producers world-wide have placed their confidence with us for the fully automatic development of their packaging lines.

Sonoco | For over 45 years, Sonoco Crellin has been successful in manufacturing an extensive range of quality Kadova cheese moulds. The injection moulded cheese moulds are lightweight and have a smooth surface allowing for shorter pressing times and smoother releases.  Kadova moulds are durable and suitable for all types of pressed cheese.  Kadova moulds can be used manually in small cheese factories as well as in lager, fully automated operations.

The Kadova cheese mould consists of the following parts:  Mould; Mould-Net; Lid and Lid Net. This four piece cheese mould allows the cheese-maker to re-use the moulds several times a day resulting in a cheese that is uniform, well-shaped, has a dry closed rind with no creases or folds.

Kadova moulds are produced from materials that are approved by the food processing industry. The moulds are available in a variety of standard models but any shape or size can be produced to meet your specific needs.

Tesab | Tesab System AB is currently the leading producer of high quality dynamic check-weighing systems capable of weights up to 40kg.

Integrated check weighing systems for butter packaging lines are the next improvement to increase your output. Ivarson has high quality dynamic check-weighing systems designed to tie into your Benhil or SIG packaging machine for automatic weight control. With this improvement, weight fluctuations are minimized and constantly recorded for your quality program. Payback on this system is calculated at 6 months or less based on 24 hour operation. A reject station can also be incorporated for any detected under weights. The system is PC based and is now available with a Windows operating system. This feature allows you greater flexibility controlling production helping increase your profitability.

Wal | Progressive, inventive with attention to detail are just a few qualities WAL offers Butter Bulk Packaging systems, Butter Churn control systems and moisture measurement and metering systems for butter churns. Founded in 1992 WAL has quickly gained the attention of the dairy industry as a industry leader.  WAL’s focus on product quality and efficiency has made them the leader in Butter systems. Working together with Ivarson, we ensure all equipment is designed to meet 3-A and USDA sanitary standards. Leading the way the WAL fully-automatic bulk butter filling system is a seamless and efficient operation with a single operator. Consisting of a box erector, filling station, film folding and box closing system the modular design allows for expansion as future capacity increases.  Up to 5 filling stations can be combined to achieve 20 tons per hour.  The WAL difference will benefit you packaging needs.